Using the Same Agent vs. Separate Agents to Buy and Sell

How do you decide between using one agent or separate agents to buy and sell your home? I’ll tell you in today’s message.

Should you use the same agent to both buy and sell a property or hire a separate agent for each side of the transaction? 

This is a common (and inevitable) question in real estate. After gathering expert insight from the pros as well as our clients, we came up with some guidelines to help you better understand when you should and shouldn’t use one agent throughout the process. Full disclosure: There’s no clear-cut answer, and it heavily depends on your specific situation. 

The first thing you’ll want to do is consult with your agent to determine whether they can handle both transactions. It’s true that it can be more convenient to go with one agent, but it only makes sense if they’re up to the task. Your agent will need to be comfortable, knowledgeable, and able to represent you effectively on both fronts. Specifically, they should be familiar with the neighborhoods you’re selling and buying in and have the necessary skills to market your home and find you a new one. 


 Keep in mind that no two agents have the same set of skills and qualifications and ask the right questions to decide which form of representation best suits your situation.


As I touched on, some moves are simply too much for one agent to handle—especially if they only focus on one neighborhood or one facet is outside of their expertise. For example, because of how my team’s structure works, I’m confident in my abilities on the buying side as well as the selling side. However, I mainly put my skills and expertise to work for sellers, helping them market and sell their home for top dollar. For other members of my team, it’s just the opposite: Their strength is working with buyers. 

Asking your agent, or agents, the right questions will help you decide whether you’ll be well-represented the entire way. What’s their overall track record with buyers and sellers? How many houses have they sold? How many people have they helped buy a home? 

As a final note, sticking with the same agent is sometimes the most sensible move because they can better manage timelines and help you work through all the back-end intricacies of the process.     

The bottom line is no two agents have the same set of skills and qualifications. Bear that in mind and ask the right questions as you decide which form of representation best suits your situation. 

If you have any questions related to this topic or real estate in general, please reach out to me and my team. We’d be happy to help!

Brooke Keeling