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Downtown Middleton has evolved tremendously over the last few years. With the massive amounts of new construction, new apartment developments (of which I was not on board with in the beginning) it is almost unrecognizable to what once was just a few short years ago. However, I feel that the developers and city have done a beautiful job of keeping the quaint feel of of an intimate small town, with an added high end vibe. 

The growth of downtown Middleton has brought with it many new shops, new local businesses, and so much charm. At the top of my list of favorites is a store call Tradition Children’s Market.

Tradition was born around the same time as my daughter and quickly became one of my favorite shops to frequent. Why? Mostly in part to the charm that the owner, Jen, has created through the beautiful clothing, aesthetics of the store itself and her most welcoming & happy personality.

Now listen, I am a mama who likes to think I am pretty realistic and “frugal” one might say;) when it comes to kids clothing. They grow so fast, spill so much, and live so hard in those early years so spending a lot of money on designer & high end kids clothing has never been a huge desire of mine. HOWEVER, Jen has done an incredible job at mixing accessory selection, high end and reasonable price points and her personality alone makes shopping at Tradition an experience like none other. I have yet to visit and not find something I MUST have for my girl or a friend. There is meaning behind the gifts and clothing I purchase from her that never fades away. That, for me, is worth a higher price tag and treating the ones I love, which is really treating me:)

I remember meeting Jen for the first time and hearing her why, her vision for the store in our community. Jen has a background in buying and when relocating back to the area with her husband, noticed a lack of a children’s boutique that paired both beautiful and unique products with a fun and inviting atmosphere . Out of that absence, Tradition was created. A beautiful, fun, inspiring, heartfelt store that makes the corner of Parmenter St and Hubbard Ave a happy stopping place. 

Jen and her team travel all over the US to bring approachable fashion back to our home town of Middleton. By featuring styles from over 30 vendors, their hope is that everyone will find something special that fits within their budget and style. My experience is: They nailed it!

With imagination, innovation and nostalgia at their core, Tradition features a curated assortment of apparel, accessories and toys for young children for any occasion. From wood planes to tea sets, beautiful outfits, accessories, shoes, hats, bowties, backpacks, headbands, baby bandanas and more! You are sure to find something special for your little ones! 

Next time you’re in downtown Middleton, be sure to stop by Tradition, you will not be disappointed. 



Pairing beautiful product with a welcoming environment, we hope to remind adults and children of the joy and pleasures of childhood.

Our boutique comes alive through moments of play, information about designers and other little treasures throughout the space. Specializing in sizes 2T to 7, but always offer a rotating assortment for baby and older children as well. 

Be sure to visit their website at

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