Why Buying Your First Home Is Like Planning a Wedding

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You may not see the connection right away, but buying a home and planning a wedding are two experiences that require certain skills and challenge you in similar ways. Check out the three key similarities below!


Whether you're buying your first home or planning a wedding, you are likely facing one of the biggest financial obligations of your life. That's why, in both cases, it is essential that you pick a realistic budget and stay within it.

Sounds simple, but in either case it can be difficult! Unexpected obstacles may force you to spend more than you planned, or you may find yourself wanting to overspend as you find things that would be "the perfect" additions even though they don't fit your budget. These temptations can be expected, but it's important to remember the big picture. When it comes to your budget, pick it and stick it.


When it comes to a home purchase or a wedding, there are countless details to consider. It's not a simple, pre-packaged purchase. There will always be big decisions that you have to make, and if you overlook something you may regret it later on.

Some decisions that you face will be similar in both experiences: Does the location work for you? Does it work for your friends and family? What is the parking situation? Is it appropriate for the climate? Will you be satisfied with your decision in the long-term?

Other details will be more unique to the situation: Do you need a cocktail hour? Do you need a walk-in closet? What style of photography would you like? Is there too much traffic noise?

Either way you'll have lots to think about, and you'll become acutely aware of 'the little things.'

You've Got Style

Both your wedding and your home say something about you — they're a reflection of your personal style. When being presented with so many choices that are particularly catered towards your personal taste, you'll learn what you like and what you don't. However, you'll also learn what it is that you absolutely need, and what you're willing to budge on.

Whether you're choosing a wedding dress that is both gorgeous and functional for your ceremony or deciding whether or not you need an extra bedroom in your home, you'll learn what it is that you'd want in a perfect world, and what is absolutely necessary for your current situation.

Although the idea may seem daunting, it is possible to purchase a home while planning a wedding. Because the two major life events are so similar, with the proper planning, information, and guidance, you will be able to come home to your dream home upon returning from your honeymoon. What sounds more ideal than that? 

This past year, the Keeling Homes team has had plenty of first hand experience with both weddings and first time home buying. Stephanie and Ashlee both purchased their first homes and said “I do”, Jamie and his fiance closed on their first home while planning their Thailand destination wedding, and Angelica’s fiance proposed to her the day they closed on their first home. While we’ve always been experts on home buying - you could say our team is now full of wedding experts as well ;)

A piece of advice from Stephanie on this process, "Purchasing a home is a big commitment and so is marriage so the two seem to go hand in hand as you move to that next stage in your life! I also have friends who have gotten married and then moved into their new home the very next week! It's all about preference and just planning ahead to make sure you're prepared for the unexpected with both."

Brooke Keelingbuyer